3 Golden Rules for the Smoothest Waxing Results

It’s so frustrating when clients feel disappointed after a waxing treatment. This is often due to a lack of information about what to expect. There is so much advice out there but not everybody knows that they have an important role to play in their own waxing process. Here are 3 golden rules to follow for the best waxing results.

At Harley Waxing, we want to equip salons with the right products and the best advice, so that anyone can get the great results they are looking for. The success of a waxing treatment really depends upon the right products before and afterwards. 

Once those first few days are out of the way, a good quality moisturiser and a regular exfoliator will keep that smooth feeling for as long as possible.

There are a few golden rules everyone needs to follow to make sure their skin is at its best. And they begin with preparation – so read on to understand the waxing process and how to get the smoothest skin of your life!

Golden Rule Number 1: Scrub away dead skin

A smooth wax starts before you have even begun the treatment! It’s so important to use a quality exfoliator, like the new Harley Waxing Pomegranate Fruit Scrub, to clear away dead skin cells 24 hours before. Why? Because those cells block pores and blocked pores leads to irritation and bumps. 

Get yourself a great exfoliator, with a moisturising effect and use it regularly in the build-up to your next wax. Make sure you choose a non-oily product, so that there is no negative impact on the effectiveness of the wax itself. You’ll find that any product residue or dead skin cells prevent the wax from working properly.  So, you’ll want something that doesn’t leave a residue – either on your skin, or on your surfaces! 

Immediately after waxing, concentrate on soothing oils and solutions to reduce irritation and prevent ingrown hairs (read on to find out the best product for each type of wax). Then after 2-3 days, start using the Pomegranate Fruit Scrub again, to keep skin healthy and pores clear. 

Rule Number 2: Get the right product for the right waxing treatment

At Harley Waxing, we are perfecting the art of blending waxing treatments with effective and healing companion products. There are a number of options and each has its own pre and post waxing routine to help create a smooth finish to the skin. 

Strip wax. If you’re covering a larger area, such as legs, arms or back, then the Harley Waxing Strip Wax range is what you need for a fast, clean result. For the treatment to work at its best, prepare your skin using our 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner. This clears any dead skin and dirt from your pores, before tightening skin for better wax adherence. After waxing, treat and prevent ingrown hairs using our new Ingrown Hair Solution. 

Hot wax. Suitable for shorter hair in more delicate areas, Harley Hot Wax is perfect for a reliable waxing result. Prepare every time for a hot wax treatment with a Pre-Waxing Oil – it’s absolutely essential. The oil will help the wax to stick and will coat the shortest hairs to prevent ingrown hairs. After waxing, use a soothing gel and a calming after-wax lotion. 

Film wax. Best for intimate or sensitive areas, Harley Film Wax is the newest waxing technology and looks set to change the way salons design their waxing techniques. It’s important to start with a cleansing and toning product and then to apply a pre-wax oil to provide a barrier between the wax and the skin. This helps protect delicate skin and ensures an even result. Afterwards, use an After Wax Oil or Soothing Gel, to calm and moisturise.

Golden Rule Number 3: Look after the skin in the days after a treatment

For smooth skin, there needs to be no redness or bumps from ingrown hairs or clogged pores. As well as keeping skin soothed with an after-waxing product, it’s a good idea to keep the waxed area clean and cool. That means staying out of the sun and avoiding any products such as tanning lotions which could block the pores and cause ingrown hairs. Cleanse after exercise and wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid any irritation. If you are prone to ingrown hairs we recommend you purchase our Harley Wax Ingrown Hair Solution. This product is designed to ease irritation and prevent those nasty ingrown hairs.

Once those first few days are out of the way, a quality moisturiser and a regular exfoliator will keep that smooth feeling for as long as possible. 

We know how much our salons love using our products, because they come back to us every time! Our products are UK-made and of the highest quality – but we believe it’s our range and knowledge that sets us apart. If you have any questions about achieving the smoothest results with every treatment, then contact one of our friendly team to help guide you to the right products for your needs. 

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