5 Eyebrow Shapes and How to Pick the Right One

Just over a decade ago it was trendy to have really thin eyebrows. Some people even went to the more extreme end of the “arch” (pun intended). These individuals plucked everything off in favour of even thinner pencil lines. The trend then bounced over to the exact opposite end and having caterpillars on your forehead suddenly became popular. What do these eyebrow shapes have in common? Easy. Five years later they look equally ridiculous on photos.

Any therapist worth their hot wax will tell you following a trend is never the way to go. Rather, you should focus your attention on finding the correct eyebrow shape for your face and capitalise on your unique features. To help you do that we’ve put together a handy guide, matching five popular eyebrow shapes with the facial structures they work best with. And of course we highly recommend using any of our Film Waxes or our Hot Waxes for perfect results every time.

Oval Face, Soft Angled Arch

If you’re lucky enough to have the most coveted facial shape, chances are all sunglasses look good on you. That aside, this shape doesn’t require any drastic measures, like hard angles or extra long length. Consult with your wax therapist on what they think is the best approach, but consider simply “cleaning up” the inside of the arch so as to avoid removing too much hair in this region. If you have big eyes and full lips, you can ask the therapist to leave your brows very full. But if you have smaller features, it might be better to have your brows slightly thinner – this will put them in proportion with your other features.

Round Face, Hard Angled Arch

A round face is close, but it’s not quite an oval. Don’t be too disappointed though, all is not lost. Some creative waxing can help make a fuller, round face appear longer and slimmer. The harder arch gives the face just the right amount of definition. Don’t be surprised if your eyebrow shape makes such a statement that one look from you stops people in their tracks. But find some good sunglasses to go with your new look, because you should be careful when and where you wield your newfound power!

Square Face, S-Shaped

Chances are that you sometimes feel that your facial shape can appear boxy or a bit masculine without the appropriate measures to soften it. Having a square-shaped face can be tricky, but it can also be your stand-out-from-the-crowd, distinguishing feature if you shape your eyebrows the right way. To draw the attention away from the structure of your face, you need to shape your brows to make a strong statement. That’s why the S-shape, with well defined lines and full width is perfect for you. Ask your wax therapist to give you higher, more angular arches, but to leave the ends long. All that’s left to do is pick a stunning shade of lipstick and you’ll feel like a model on a magazine cover.

Heart-Shaped Face, Rounded

A heart-shaped face likely means that you have a rather sharp, pronounced chin. However, talented wax therapists can soften angular facial lines by waxing the brows into softer, more fluid eyebrow shapes. The narrower shape of the lower part of your face likely also means that you have delicate features and your brows should be shaped to match. It is therefore advisable to make them a little thinner, avoid high arches and keep them a natural colour. In short, don’t do anything too drastic that will focus attention on your forehead. Instead, your beautifully rounded brows should be in perfect synergy with your other features.

Diamond-Shaped, Straight

The diamond facial shape is also an angular structure with some pronounced lines. However, it is slightly more balanced than the heart shape. If you have a diamond-shaped face of your own, you might recognise that it requires a little softening. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from angular brows as these eyebrow shapes will make your face look hard. Ask you wax therapist to make your brows appear more even by waxing them in a straight line. This will make sure that your face doesn’t appear longer than it is; instead all your features will be perfectly proportionate. Apply a little blush to those cheeks, though. Chances are, other girls would kill for your beautiful diamond-shaped face and defined cheekbones !

Need professional help to pick the right eyebrow shape?

Waxing can be a little daunting – especially if you’re new to this area of the beauty scene. For best results, we recommend you find a therapist that uses only the best quality Harley Wax products and has been properly trained and accredited to perform your treatment. Please contact us for information about salons near you that stock Harley products or if you have any other questions.

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