5 Reasons to Become a Harley Wax Distributor

If you have used Harley Wax, you will know that it is a fantastic product. It is also a wise business opportunity a shrewd entrepreneur cannot ignore. If you are interested in becoming a global Harley Wax distributor, read on. Here are five excellent reasons to pick up the phone and call our offices to get the ball rolling right now.

Top quality products you will fall in love with

Most of our distributors are therapists who loved the range of Harley Wax products so much that they could not wait to tell other beauty industry professionals about it. In case you haven’t heard, Harley Wax’s Film Wax is a revolutionary hybrid combining all the best characteristics of hot wax and strip wax. It shrink-wraps around the hair instead of the skin. That not only means that the treatment is virtually pain-free, but also that hairs as short as 1mm are removed with little to no irritation (totally eliminating the need to tweeze) and leaves no sticky residue. All our waxes are made with superior quality products and produced in the United Kingdom. Once you try our products, you will never look back and neither will the clients you supply it to.

Super easy to get started

No jumping through hoops! We pride ourselves in how easy we make it for new distributors to get started. You don’t have to worry about spending hours completing forms and talking to consultants. All it takes is a phone call. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, we will schedule a time to chat. We can then send you samples to try out if you are not yet familiar with our outstanding products. Upon understanding our professionalism and business ethics our global distributor family will be delighted to welcome you. Next, we will send you a sole distributor agreement. This basically means that we will refer all orders from your country that come to us, straight back to you. Next you order and pay for your first batch and voila!

Fantastic business opportunity

Some of our distributors have never worked with beauty wax before. Why, you ask, would they become distributors of Harley Wax then? It really is very simple. The product is simply so good that it sells itself. Who wouldn’t want to be on the winning team? Harley supplies distributors with samples to hand out to prospective clients. We have found that once a client has had the opportunity to heat the wax, apply it and see for themselves that it is better than the product they have been using, the sale is as good as completed.

No hidden costs or penalties to stop

Anyone who has been ensnared in a contract that seeks only to exploit them, knows to ask about any hidden costs or penalties involved in ending a distributor agreement. That is why we put great emphasis on the fact that there is nothing binding about an agreement with Harley Wax. Not that we believe you would ever want to end your agreement, but should your circumstances change, you will not be liable to pay any cancellation fees. Stock is paid for upon order and therefore yours to sell at whichever rate and price you find suitable. The only prerequisites are that the wax not be sold at a lower price than the price at which you purchased it from Harley and that, should you choose to end your distributor agreement, Harley reserves the right to enter into an agreement with a new distributor in your area.

World-wide family

Should you decide to become a Harley Wax distributor, you will join a global family of likeminded business professionals who recognise quality when they come across it. Our extraordinary beauty wax, Pre & Post Wax Products and wax application Accessories are exported to more than twenty countries across four continents. The United States, Africa, Japan, even as far as Iceland – Harley Wax will soon be available everywhere. You are the next to be welcomed into the family.

Get started and become a Harley Wax Distributor

Have you been persuaded to become a distributor of the best quality wax on the market? The Harley team is waiting to hear from you and would love to discuss the options available to you. To get started, either submit a distributor enquiry via the Harley Website or give us a call. May this be the start of a long and prosperous business relationship.

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