7 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Harley Wax

We are always proud to hear our customers saying that they are loyal Harley Wax fans and wouldn’t consider switching! We firmly believe that Harley Wax is a superior product in the waxing market. If you need a refresher on the reasons to choose Harley Wax, or you need help convincing your salon to make the change, then we’ve got you covered.

1. Only use Harley Wax for higher profit margins and real cost savings

Firstly, we know that now, more than ever, profit margins are squeezed across the industry. As salons try and recoup the costs of lost business, there is no room for waste or mistakes. With Harley Waxing, we guarantee you will receive exactly what we always promise: a cost-effective product that will help you grow your business. Therefore, investing in quality wax is a surefire way to salon success. Your clients will love the results, increasing loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our unique Film Wax offers real value for money. As a result, you only need to apply a very thin layer, meaning therapists only need 50% of the amount of Film Wax product compared with the same amount of hot wax treatments.

2. Fast melting and application

Secondly, all of our Hot, Strip and Film Waxes are designed by therapists, for therapists. We know that you want wax that melts evenly and quickly, without hassle or mess. Application should be easy and smooth. You can apply our Film Wax in an ultra-thin layer; likewise, you can reapply our Hot and Strip waxes to the same area 2-3 times. You can order free samples of any of our waxes, to see for yourself what a pleasure they are to use – especially with their delicious fragrances!

3. If you only use Harley Wax, you will achieve reliable, superior results

Our customers need reliability. The products must perform perfectly, every time. We are proud to offer a range of waxes that deliver the same excellent results during every single treatment.

The aim of Harley Waxing is straightforward. We want to make waxing a pleasurable experience, not a painful one. Our clients want to provide exceptional treatments, leaving no missed hairs even on the shortest growth and avoiding irritation and ingrown hairs. As a result, salon customers love what they see and they tell their friends!

4. A tailored range of complementary waxing products

We understand how to get the very best results from our products and we don’t keep it a secret! We can guide you through the perfect Pre & Post Wax Cleansers, Oils and Gel for each different type of wax. In fact, it’s all spelled out for you on our website product pages. We’ve designed our own complementary range to make sure your customer receives the maximum benefit from their treatment, above all with the minimum discomfort.

5. Exceeding client expectations

Brand loyalty and delighting therapists all over the world are the keys to our success. As a result, therapists who achieve fantastic results using Harley Wax share these widely on social media. This brings in new business every week (for Harley and your salon!). As well as offering reliable quality and excellent customer service, we understand the industry and work hard to innovate to bring new and exciting products to the range. Harley Waxing will always ensure your salon is equipped with the products needed to keep you ahead of your competitors.

6. Respected international brand

Quality is the number one priority for our UK-produced waxing range. We have worked with the same producers since the beginning of Harley Waxing. Together we focus on quality at every stage from sourcing through to supply. We are an extremely proud British company and we have a fantastic network of distributors around the world, helping to spread that superior Harley experience. For over two decades, Harley Waxing has been a family business with global ambitions. We are delighted that many of our customers have been with us all the way!

7. Only use Harley Wax for excellent customer service and delivery times

In conclusion, running a salon takes commitment and endless energy. Sometimes, you need to respond to changing demand – or rectify forgetting to place an order! It happens. We’re thrilled to offer 24-72hrs delivery across the UK. Our Customer Service team members are knowledgeable and dedicated to getting you the right products when you need them. When you have questions about the best range of products for your needs, we pride ourselves on offering clear and practical advice.

We know our customers love our products, because they come back again and again! We are proud to be UK-made, with a relentless focus on quality products and excellent service. Even better, our range and knowledge makes us stand out from the rest. If you have any questions about achieving the smoothest results with every treatment, please contact one of our friendly team to help guide you to the right products for your salon.

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