5 Tips For The Perfect Brazilian Wax

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As professional therapists, we all know that the best Brazilian wax is one that is done at the right time of the month, on the perfect length of hair, with the right product. It also helps if clients have resisted the urge to shave and have prepared the skin by exfoliating. It is even better if the Brazilian wax is a regular treatment because the regrowth will be softer and the pain will be reduced. 

We know all this, but do our clients? A checklist for your clients might be really useful so they know what to expect and how to best prepare for their appointment. Here are our top tips for getting the smoothest, most pain-free Brazilian wax result - the Harley Waxing way!

1.Exfoliate before and after

Prepare your skin the day before a wax. Invest in an exfoliating mitt as it will really help to prevent those horrible ingrown hairs. When it comes to products, choose something that’s natural and remember to protect the environment by finding a product without plastic microbeads. Try our new Harley Waxing Pomegranate Fruit Scrub to clear away dead skin cells, unblocking pores to avoid irritation and bumps.  It leaves no oily residue, so it won’t impact the effectiveness of the wax. 

Wash the bikini area just before your treatment, but steer clear of any products at that point.

After your wax, get ready to exfoliate again! Use a mitt and that Pomegranate Fruit Scrub. Exfoliate 3 days after the wax and then every 2 days thereafter, right up to your next wax.

2. Get the hair length right

It’s really important that your hair is neither too short, nor too long. Make sure it’s at least 0.5cm, so that the wax can get a really good grip and pull the hair follicle entirely. You also need to make sure you trim any hair that is longer . You want no longer than 2cm here, so do make sure you carefully snip away the excess in advance. A trim with scissors is just fine - please don’t shave or the hair will be too short for the wax to grab onto!

Don’t be tempted to pick at any ingrown hairs. They will resolve themselves and you’ll end up with a big mess, and a scar.

3.Choose the right wax

There are hundreds of different brands and types of wax, from soft to hard, strips to stick applications, and you would be correct in thinking that you need to be an expert to get it right. A trusted salon, recommended by friends, is the best place for a Brazilian wax.

Your therapist will choose a wax to suit each individual skin type and treatment. For Bikini waxing, we recommend our unique Film Wax. Your therapist will start with a cleansing and toning product and then apply a pre-wax oil to provide a barrier between the wax and the skin. This helps protect delicate skin and ensures an even result. The best thing about Film Wax is the low melting temperature which helps ensure a comfortable experience. It’s suitable for shorter hairs too, so painful tweezing won’t be necessary. 

4.After-wax treatment

Apply a powerful after-wax lotion to the area immediately after waxing to eliminate potential infection, irritation and the chance of ingrown hairs. You’ll want to use something that doesn’t contain perfume or alcohol. Harley’s Aloe Soothing Gel is great here. Pure, quality Aloe Vera has powerful soothing and healing properties. 

Keep to loose-fitting clothing for the next 24 hours so nothing rubs against the delicate bikini area. Get your next wax booked in for five weeks from your appointment and don’t shave in between or you’ll undo all your hard work. 

5. Timing is key

Getting a smooth result is all about timing. You need to give your skin the chance to breathe, recover and be calm. Avoid sun exposure at least two days before your appointment. We recommend you avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours after your wax to minimise irritation. Shower immediately after exercise and use an antibacterial cleansing gel to clear your follicles of perspiration which can carry bacteria.

Book early and be organised – get your appointment booked in good time, prep your body and your skin and avoid the days around your period when your pain sensitivity is highest. Make sure you’re not exposed to the sun or any lovely oils and creams for at least 24 hours or your skin will end up burning hot!

Harley Waxing products are all UK-made and offer exceptional quality and value for money. If you have any questions about getting the bikini wax right, just get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team!

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