Summer Fruits Film Wax

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New favourite launched in the Harley Waxing range

Fresh, fruity and natural Summer Fruits fragrance added to the ever-popular Film Wax range

The Harley Waxing range is always expanding to meet customer demand and innovate in the waxing industry. The newest addition to their unique Film Wax collection is a delicious Summer Fruits fragrance, available as easy-melting pellets. The genius of Film Wax is how it combines the best features of hot and strip waxes: it’s comfortable and easy to apply, as well as lightweight and spreadable. Film Wax is so popular with therapists because of the fantastic, reliable results - whilst clients love the pleasurable, pain-free experience. British-made Harley Wax has been a favourite with salons for over twenty years, offering a superior result with a tailor-made collection of pre- and post-wax products to give a flawless finish.

It’s easy to describe the great reasons to switch to Film Wax. Therapists love the reliability of the product - they know that any new fragrance offer will meet the same superior quality standards. Film Wax is all about a perfectly smooth result, every time and a much less painful treatment on even the shortest hair.

Keri Raciti - sole distributor for Harley Waxing, South Africa - loves Harley Film Wax because it’s such great value for money:


“It’s fair to say that Harley Wax is a Rolls Royce range - it isn’t the cheapest (or the most expensive for that matter). A great product like this is actually more cost-effective because there is zero waste and no mistakes.”


Switch to Harley Film Wax and see the benefits in your own salon:

  • The versatile Film Wax can be used for almost all wax treatments - it’s perfect for facials and Brazilians but can really be used anywhere, with a little practice
  • Film Wax requires an extremely low melting temperature, adding to client comfort during treatments
  • Therapists find that they use up to 50% less Film Wax when compared with hot wax, making this a great-value choice
  • Customers and therapists alike rave about the results - and share their happiness on social media, helping to grow your business
  • All Harley Wax products are natural and produced in the UK to the highest quality standards


As a family-run business, excellent customer service is part of the Harley Waxing DNA. They understand the pressures of running a salon and know what therapists are looking for when it comes to choosing the right products. They offer 24-hour delivery across the UK and invite customers to sample the waxes before ordering. In fact, 98% of people that try the product go on to purchase - proving that the products exceed customer expectations.

About Harley Waxing: established in the 1980s in rural Somerset, UK, Harley Waxing manufactures the best waxing products on the market. Harley sells directly to trained therapists and salon owners via a network of global distributors, maintaining a highly-skilled client base. They believe that waxing should be pleasurable and not painful.

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