Why choose Harley Wax?

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Female with Waxed legs

What makes Harley Wax superior to other wax is that it causes less irritation, less discomfort and better results. With Harley Wax, you can you can expect a nourishing skin treatment that will remove hairs as short as 1mm. Unlike other depilatory routines, Harley Wax almost has no sticky residue, it leaves skin soft with no irritation, removes hair from the root to reduce chances of ingrown hairs and leaves skin hair free for much longer. Harley wax was originally established in the UK, the driving force behind this company was to create a high quality professional waxing system that could also be sold at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.

Today Harley Wax is used by many high-end salons and spas and currently available in over 19 countries across the globe.

There is a range of excellent products to choose from which has been perfected over the years to suit different waxing needs. Harley Hot Waxes are designed for small intimate areas and are available in five blends; Aloe, Rose, Chocolate, Lavender and the Summer Fruits Wax which is our best seller. Strip waxes are for larger areas and are available in three flavours; Gold, Rose and the Summer Fruits. Harley has also developed a cartridge system that offers the same great results of strip waxes just in smaller quantities and they also come in the same strip wax flavors.

Harley Film Wax is a hybrid wax that provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hot wax coupled with the thin “spread-ability” of a strip wax. This modern, new generation wax is fantastic for all intimate waxing from facial waxing to Brazilians making it a must have for professional Salon and Spas.

For best results, you should use our before and after care oils to soften and condition the skin during and after each waxing treatment.

The Harley Cleanser/Toner is a pre-wax product which is essential for any wax treatment. It acts in two stages; the cleanser firstly emulsifies and removes dirt and oil embedded in the skin. Secondly it rebalances the skins PH level, tightens the skin and pores and removes any oil or lotion to maximize your waxing results.

The other Harley pre-wax product is the Harley Pre-Wax Oil which is an essential product for Harley Hot Wax treatments. By applying this oil to the area you wish to wax you are allowing the wax to shrink wrap itself to the hair and not the skin. This reduces the pull on the skin, thus reducing the pain, redness and lowers the possibility of any ingrown hairs. It’s fast, clean, leaves very little sticky residue and it is virtually pain free. With a choice of Hot & Strip Waxes, either you the therapist, or the client, will be able to remove even the shortest of hair from all problem areas; legs, facial, underarms, bikini, Brazilian & Hollywood (specialty waxing).

After you have finished your waxing, apply a little Harley After Care Oil for maximum results, hygiene and smoothness. This is used after either a Harley Hot Wax or Harley Strip Wax to finish the conditioning treatment of the skin. It is an essential step for a Harley Hot Waxing and Harley Strip Waxing treatments. It reduces skin irritation, redness and the possibility of any ingrown hairs, The Tea Tree acts as an anti bacterial agent to cleanse any dirt and dead skin leaving your skin clean and fresh.

With Harley Wax you can expect more than just a wax. Expect quicker delivery times, better customer service and a more superior wax. So why not raise your expectations with Harley Wax?