The Harley Body Wrap With Aloe Vera

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The Harley Wrapping system has proven track record of over 20 years and is safe, comfortable, versatile and a powerful detoxifying salon or spa treatment with the added bonus of measurable inch loss in the very first treatment.

We believe that our Aloe Vera formula with added Vitamins and Collagen (with NO natural or added salts) deeply hydrates and softens the skin. Also, the formula when absorbed into the skin helps to dislodge toxic build up trapped in fat prone areas that will be flushed out into the lymph system.

A series of treatments will show accumulative results in inch loss, detoxification and improved body shape and energy levels.

With the Harley Wrap you’ll be able to provide your clients with a treatment that will reduce the overall body size, detoxify the body and tone the skin all in one. The secret behind the Harley Wrap system is a combination between the Harley Wrap technique and the formula of the wrap itself. The treatment begins with dry brushing; a practice used to open the pores, increase circulation and eliminate toxins from the body. Dry brushing also removes dead skin cells allowing all the beneficial ingredients of the treatment to penetrate the skin. The Harley Wrap Natural Body Wrap Gel is then massaged into problem areas. Then instead of using a conventional mud wrap system Harley Wrap is made from Aloe Vera. This enhances its ability to significantly reduce cellulite, decrease the overall body size and energize the body. 

The Harley Body Wrap Treatment

Aloe Vera improves the immune system and boosts the metabolism allowing the body to function at its best. It is also fantastic for eczema and psoriasis suffers as Aloe Vera has healing properties. The actual wrapping method used during the wrap also attributes to the success of this product.

As part of a weight loss program, to reenergize the body, to improve shape and to reduce overall body size use of the Harley body wrap system is advisable.

The wraps are not a time consuming procedure for the therapist. The actual amount of time that the therapist will need to spend with the client is about an hour. The client is also left to rest for an hour for the wrap to get to work on the body. This provides room for the therapist to offer additional treatments e.g. a brow wax, whilst the client is resting.

The Harley Body Wrap Kit contains everything you need to get started, including a training manual, training DVD. The kit will allow you to do up to 50 wraps

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