Waxing guidelines during Covid-19

Posted by Emily 09/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

As an esthetician, are you ready for clients?

After the most difficult period our industry has ever faced, we are all desperate to reopen safely.

We know our clients miss us - for many, missing waxing appointments has been something that has caused genuine upset and concern during lockdown. We know our services boost confidence and help deal with some serious self-esteem issues. We also know that the conversations we have provide an important social connection that anyone isolating alone has been sorely lacking.

So, how do we give that boost to our clients, as well as our businesses, whilst keeping everyone safe? Our latest blog is here to help you think through the different considerations and to advise you on some of the precautionary measures you can take.

Please keep an eye out on Gov.uk for press releases on the rules and regulations of UK salons. This blog aims to offer sensible advice to estheticians around preparing, opening and running appointments safely.

Preparing the salon

  • Social distancing. Inside the salon, social distancing must be adhered to at all times (this varies between countries so please refer to your local rules). This means you’ll need to limit the number of clients and staff within the salon. Eliminating waiting areas and closing staff rest areas will be essential.
  • Prevention and PPE. To keep your estheticians safe, they should expect to wear clear visors, as well as the PPE set out by your local authorities/government. Visors can be disposable or re-usable. Re-usable visors should be cleaned and disinfected between clients. Normal cleaning products will not necessarily be effective. It is important to research which products you will use in salon. These should be worn at all times when in contact with clients and staff.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment. A deep clean of the entire salon before opening is an absolute must. Once you are open, each station and item of equipment should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. It is important to understand the correct products that are effective against enveloped viruses lab reports can be requested to check effectiveness- note anti bacterial wipes will not be effective against viruses.
  • Staff health checks. Every member of staff needs to understand that they must avoid the salon if they have any Covid-19 symptoms. You should make them aware of their rights regarding sickness leave. Daily temperature checks for all staff on shift should be established, whilst remembering there are a number of other symptoms. All staff members should be aware of the wide range of Covid-19 symptoms, which are published by the WHO. There is no room for risk where staff health is concerned!
  • Use signage to clearly display your policies. Will your salon allow walk-ins, or restrict clients to appointments only? Clearly display your policy, with your reception number to call, so that prospective clients don’t wander in unannounced. Remember that your salon’s risk assessments and policies should be subject to continual review.

Preparing the client

  • Online bookings and payments. If you are able to implement one, then an online booking system is going to become a central part of your business. It will allow clients to book online and pay online to avoid unnecessary exposure of contaminated money, cards and card machines. If you can’t implement an online booking system, however, then a risk assessment for high risk activities will be sufficient: UK salons can download the template from the HSE here.
  • Client consultation cards. Client cards should be created or updated at the time of booking, so that there is a record of the client’s contact details before they enter the salon. This provides essential insurance protection, as well as helping boost your sales as you talk through the options. This will also assist the authorities in the event of any outbreak to connect with anyone that has come in contact with the virus (known as “Track and Trace” in the UK).
  • Covid-19 checklist. A checklist containing all the necessary Covid-19 questions that a client may ask should be provided along with booking confirmation.
  • Be punctual. Encourage clients to be punctual and wait in the car if they are early for the appointment, to avoid congestion in the salon. As stations need to be cleaned and disinfected (with some equipment requiring sterilisation) before every client, it is important that the clients are on time to prevent a backlog.
  • Leave bags in the car. Ask your clients to leave as much as they can at home, or in their car. Ideally, they wouldn’t come to the salon immediately after a shopping trip with bagfuls of purchases.
  • Exfoliate in advance. Since it may have been several months between appointments, advise your clients to exfoliate 24 hours before their treatment to ensure a smooth result.

During the appointment

  • Keep the salon door open. Minimise contact by ensuring clients don’t need to touch the front door of the salon. Regularly clean and disinfect frequent touch points such as door handles.
  • Temperature. Check client temperatures on entry, using an infrared thermometer. If any clients have a fever (higher than 37.8 degrees Celsius), they should be sent home immediately and reschedule when they have recovered (at least fourteen days). Remember that clients may be asymptomatic, which is why thorough cleaning and disinfecting is essential - along with the correct management of client contact details.
  • Wash hands and wear a visor. Encourage clients to wash their hands as often as they can, especially on entry and exit. Do not offer facial treatments until government guidance allows. Estheticians must wear a well-fitting visor that covers the face and provides a barrier between the wearer and the client from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking. Hands must be washed when putting on or taking off PPE. A screen may be used when working on clients’ hands. Clients should be encouraged to wear a face covering however ensure they wash their hands when putting on and removing for facial treatments (when government guidance allows).

After the appointment

  • Clean and disinfect stations. Consider the additional time needed to thoroughly clean and disinfect stations, equipment and therapists between consultations. This may impact upon your appointment schedule. You can use our micro learning module on cleaning and disinfecting to help inform your process. You should have at least two sets of tools available and use disposable wherever possible.
  • Keep meticulous records. Use your client consultation cards and your appointments system to track every visitor to your salon during the previous 21 day period. This will assist the authorities in the event of any outbreak to connect with anyone that has come in contact with the virus (known as “Track and Trace” in the UK). Keep the same records of your staff rota so that you know who has been working during that period.

There is a lot to consider, but with proper preparation and ongoing meticulous attention to detail you will be able to get your salon running successfully. Use our advice to help prompt your preparations in advance of the official government advice. Remember to keep an eye out for the press release on Gov.uk. We wish all our clients the very best of luck!