What Is A Body Wrap

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Harley Body Wrap Treatment

A body wrap is a beautry treatment that invovles pre soaked bandages in aloe vera being wrapped around the client with the goal of reducing body measurements while firming the skin and providing other health benefits. 

There are countless beneficial reasons to introduce the Harley Body Wrap system to your clients. The effectiveness of the Harley Wrap system is due to the use of dry bushing, the superior formulation of the Harley Wrap Gels and the actual wrapping technique. Dry brushing awakens the lymphatic system, improves circulation, and draws out stored waste and toxins, invigorating the body.

After even the first wrap, The Harley Wrap guarantees a reduction in the overall body size. It is important to note that the Harley Wraps will not decrease the client’s body weight but size. They will not lose Kilograms but rather inches. For instance a client weighing 85Kg with a waistline of 40 inches (101.6cm), will still weigh 85kg after the treatment but will have a reduction in inches off the waistline, e.g. from 40” (101.6cm) to 36”(91.44cm). In addition to reducing the body size, it will also reshape and contour the body, tightening, firming and toning problem areas.

The Harley wrap is also an excellent boost for clients who are currently dieting or who are looking to improve their health. Aloe Vera, one of the main ingredients in the Harley Wrap, is phenomenal for detoxifying and re-energizing the body. This, when coupled with the dry brushing technique and warmth of the bandages, is fantastic for removing waste and toxins from the body. The Harley Wrap is able to penetrate to the connective tissues that hold the fat cells and remove the impurities and toxins from this tissue. Once the toxins have been removed from the body it is now possible for the body’s natural elastin to hold the new sculptured shape produced by the Harley Wrapping method.

It will also stimulate the metabolism, aid the digestive system and help with immunology.

For clients looking to firm, tone and soften the skin, Harley Wrap is the solution. It is also fantastic for clients who suffer from eczema or psoriasis as the wrap contains anti-septic, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This allows it to clean and heal the skin easing the pain and discomfort that these skin conditions can cause. Harley wrap is also beneficial for clients who have stretch marks or acne scars as the wrap is loaded with Vitamin E.

A reduction in the appearance of cellulite is another benefit of using the Harley wrap. The Natural Body Wrap Gel, which is applied to cellulite areas before the wrap is the reason for this as it is loaded with all the crucial ingredients to combat cellulite. The enzyme Cellulase and the anthraquinones, in Aloe Vera and in the Seaweed, in the Harley wrap, play a significant role in the reduction of cellulite. They are able to breakup lifeless cells and residue and stimulate blood flow making for a highly effective anti-cellulite treatment.

The Results of using the Harley Wrap

  1. A boost to the metabolism and ultimately assisted weight loss (for dieting clients)
  2. Treatment for sensitive skin, dry skins, scarred skins, eczema and psoriasis suffers
  3. Improved digestion and better health
  4. Firms & tones the skin. Healthy skin
  5. Hygienic treatment
  6. A more balanced ph of the body
  7. Improved immune system
  8. Decreased overall body size
  9. Contouring and shaping of the body
  10. Cellulite reduction
  11. Increased energy levels
  12. Improved confidence

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