Can I Use a Sunbed After a Waxing Treatment?

In many countries that don’t get much sun, a sunbed is a popular. Even though the UV light is artificial, it boosts your Vitamin D production, which is an essential nutrient for the body. It’s also a great mood booster during the cold winter months. So, there’s no real surprise that after a waxing appointment men and women want to tan their skin.

Waxing has a long history. Believe it or not, it dates back to the times of the Ancient Egyptians. They perceived a hairless and smooth body to be a sign of youth and beauty and used a technique called sugaring. These beauty standards and processes are still very relevant today. 

The Ancient Egyptians’ attitude to tanned skin however was somewhat different. Light, untanned skin was more favourable. They went to great lengths to protect their skin. These days, people are the opposite. They prefer to tan their bodies in the sun, with sunbeds, or with self-tanning products.

There are many definitions and standards of beauty. But one that remains is the idea of having smooth tanned skin. Simply put, waxing and tanning are synonymous – they go together.

Despite the negative press surrounding sunbeds, they remain to be a popular way of tanning the skin quickly. All it takes is a few 10-20 minute sunbed sessions to achieve an overall light tan. 

Why wax and not shave before using a sunbed? 

When you wax, your hair doesn’t grow back quickly. Waxing removes your body hair deep from the root. Whereas shaving cuts the hairs close to your skin level, causing the hair to start growing back after a few days. So, waxing before using a sunbed instead of shaving is a no-brainer. 

Using a sunbed after a waxing treatment is safe, but you should not hop from one appointment to the next.  Read on to learn more about tanning dos and don’ts after a waxing treatment. 

Tanning Dos and Don’ts After a Waxing Treatment

Sunbeds After Waxing Dos 

Do Wait 24 Hours 

When you get an intimate wax, it exfoliates the bikini area. This naturally removes dead skin from the area which usually offers a layer of protection from sunburn. You have to wait at least 24 hours (ideally 48) before using a tanning bed after a waxing session. This will help your skin regenerate. Waiting will also prolong the tan so you will achieve a longer-lasting glow. 

Do Spread Out Waxing and Sundbed Appointments 

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to wait at least 24 hours after a waxing session to use the sunbed. So, if you want that beautiful tan or you’ve got a beach holiday or special engagement coming up, think about the timing of those appointments. Book your appointments in advance and make sure you have at least one full day in between them. 

Do Wax Before Tanning 

You should wax before you tan (you still need to wait at least 24 hours to tan on a sunbed after waxing). The act of waxing exfoliates. This exfoliation helps prime the skin for a flawless tan. If you plan to use a tan accelerator under the sunbed, waxing beforehand is always a good idea because the tanning solution will stick better to smooth, exfoliated skin. In short, waxing before a sunbed session will extend the life of your tan. 

Do Exfoliate Before Waxing 

Before waxing and sunbed sessions, take some time to exfoliate. Exfoliating the areas you plan to wax helps desquamation. In other words, it will remove any dead skin cells around your pores and hair follicles. This process will not only provide an easier exit for the hair, but it will also reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs. Exfoliating is also the perfect way to prime your skin ready for the sunbed tanning session. The oil-free Harley Pomegranate Body Scrub prepares the skin to achieve the smoothest waxing results. 

Do keep Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Tanning on a sunbed can make your skin dry. It also ages the skin if you don’t take proper care of it. The negative effects of UV rays can last a long time; sometimes they are even permanent, which is why it’s important to keep your skin hydrated by using a good moisturiser. Moisturising your skin will also improve your results and help prolong your tan. 

Do Cleanse Before Waxing 

If you want to use a sunbed one day after your waxing treatment, you need to make sure you’ve taken the pre-waxing steps to ensure a smooth and clean finish. A pre-wax skincare routine is a must to ensure that everything goes smoothly (every pun intended). To achieve this, make sure you clean the area properly first to remove any surface oils, bacteria, dirt, and perspiration from the area. The Harley Cleanser & Toner both emulsifies and removes oils and dirt to maximise your results.

Tanning and Waxing Don’ts 

Don’t Use Fake Tans and Sprays 

Just because you can’t use a sunbed after a waxing session, it doesn’t mean that you can try alternative tanning methods like a fake tan lotion or a spray tan. After a waxing session, your pores are open and exposed. If you apply a fake tan solution directly onto open pores, the solution will settle in them, leaving you with unattractive dark spots. 

Don’t Go Out In The Sun 

Just like using a sunbed after tanning, the same rules apply to direct sunlight exposure. As your skin is more vulnerable to UV rays post-wax, there is more chance of sunburn. 

Time Frames When Waxing and Tanning

Hair removal is a very important step in one’s tanning process. In saying this, it should never immediately precede any kind of tanning, whether that is via sunbed, self-tan, spray tan, or the sun.

As previously mentioned, avoid using a sunbed (and tanning in general) after a wax. The recommended wait time to use a sunbed after waxing is at least 24 hours. 

If you want to try a spray tan instead of your usual sunbed session, wait at least 48 hours. Getting a spray tan or applying a fake tan at home immediately after waxing will absorb right into your open pores, which is not good for your skin or your tan. 

As well as avoiding any kind of post-post wax complications, you should hold off on tanning after a waxing session to allow you to see how your skin reacts to the waxing session. Everyone’s skin makeup is different so you should monitor it yourself and make sure that any sign of irritation, swelling, or redness has gone before tanning. 

Waxing, Sunbeds and Tanning Risks 

After body waxing, your skin’s pores are open and your hair follicles will not have sufficient time to properly close. In a nutshell, using a tanning bed after a wax can leave you with little black dots over your skin, which many people refer to as ‘strawberry skin’.

Both natural sunlight and sunbeds have UV rays that can cause the skin to burn. Because waxing mildly exfoliates the skin, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to any form of UV light. Therefore, there’s a higher risk of sunburn. 

There shouldn’t be a choice between maintaining and caring for your skin OR staying tanned during the summer. As long as you follow the precautions of using a sunbed after a waxing treatment, you can avoid skin problems and keep your tan looking fresh. 

After Wax Care 

After going to all the trouble of waxing and using a sunbed, you want to maintain that smooth-looking, glowing skin as long as possible.

To prime your bikini area after waxing and before using a tanning bed, we recommend using an aloe vera-based product, such as our Harley Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate any kind of pain, swelling, and irritation. These properties make Aloe Vera-based lotions ideal after waxing. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also reduces the healing time of burns; therefore, if you overdo it on the sun beds, the Harley Aloe Vera Soothing Gel can also help. 

To speed the post-wax recovery time up to prepare for your sunbed session, it is a good idea to use a post-wax oil to help soften and smooth the skin. Applying an oil like the Harley After Wax Oil will condition the skin thanks to the oil’s lavender properties. It will also reduce any skin irritation and prevent the appearance of bumps.

Pre Sunbed Prep 

Once the waiting period is over from your waxing treatment, you need to prep your skin further to get the most out of your tanning bed session. 

Take a shower and lightly exfoliate the skin once more at least two hours before using the sunbed. This will remove any leftover dead skin cells, makeup, and perfume to ensure a more even tan.

Moisturise. It is necessary to make sure your skin stays hydrated as this will help absorb the tan better. Avoid using an oil-based moisturiser as this may create a barrier between the skin and the sunbed. 

Smooth skin and a radiant tan go hand in hand. As long as you follow the general guidelines before using a sunbed after a wax treatment, you will be able to achieve that desired look you’ve been aiming for. 

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