Harley Gold Strip Wax for men

Harley Wax has designed a wax that has a superior grip designed specifically for men’s hair

The Harley Gold Strip Wax is ideal for the larger wax area such as the leg, back, chest and arms. The wax will grip only the hair & not the skin.
The Harley Gold Strip Wax is a Micromica liposoluble depilatory wax product that not only gives it a pearlised appearance which makes for a great looking wax, but it also contains the correct equilibrium between the refined resins used and the graded presence of Micromica which allows the product to be removed delicately and softly, keeping the depilatory capacity unaltered. Made for the most demanding professionals.

Here are a few questions that you may be looking for answers to regarding this superior wax designed for men:

Question: Where can it be uses?
Answer: Body – legs, arms, back and chest

Question: What can be used for waxing male intimate areas?
Answer: We recommend our Summer Fruits Hot Wax or our Azulene, Lavendar and Summer fruits Film Waxes

Question: Will your other Strip Waxes work for mens hair?
Answer: Yes, in fact all of them will. Our Gold Strip Wax was specially formulated for men with very thick hair who may need that added grip for a better final result.

These days more and more men are turning to waxing for that smooth silky look, especially in the summer. So don’t miss out on the metro sexual man’s desire to look good and feel fabulous. Men take meticulous care of their bodies which for many includes a regular waxing regime. Since men have larger follicles than women they need a wax solution with extra strip to remove coarser hair. 

Available in a convenient cartridge or 500g tub, Harley Gold Strip Wax is the answer to your metro sexual customer’ needs.

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