Harley Wrap Bandages - Pack of 10

Harley Wrap Bandages - Pack of 10

Harley Wrap Bandages Pack of 10

.."The prefect bandage for your body wrapping treatment"..

The Harley Wrap Bandage is designed to give the optimal elasticity to provide the correct pressure on the skin, thus giving the client an effective lymph drainage resulting in a better treatment.

The results of using Harley Wrap Wrap

  • Decreased overall body size
  • Cellulite reduction while contouring and shaping of the body
  • A boost to the metabolism and ultimately assisted weight loss (for dieting clients)
  • Treatment for sensitive skin, dry skins, scarred skins, eczema and psoriasis suffers
  • Improved digestion, better health, improved immune system
  • Firms & tones the skin. Healthy skin.
  • Cleaner, fresher and more hygienic treatment
  • Increased energy levels and helps re-balance your bodies natural PH levels

Combine the Harley Wrap Aloe Vera Formula with the Harley Wrap Natural Body Wrap Gel for a perfect Body Wrapping Treatment.

Directions for Use When your bandages arrive, they are direct form the factory and will need to be washed thoroughly before use. When washing do not use any fabric conditioners and do not tumble dry as this will ruin the elasticity. Re-roll whilst damp and remember not too tightly. To make the Aloe Vera solution used during the wrap mix 8oz (227gms) of Aloe Vera Formula with one gallon (8.3L) of water. Label this mix ‘Diluted Wrap Solution’. Soak the number of bandages you will need for your appointment in your diluted wrap solution to absorb the Aloe Vera Formula. This mixture will be enough for about 3 wraps. If your client is very large then you will use more bandages and therefore more solution. It is best to warm the bandages 10 minutes before use. This can be done in the microwave. Never keep any diluted solution if it starts to smell. The Aloe Vera Concentrate has and added preservative, so there is no need to throw away unused solution. This solution has a shelf life of 12 months but must be kept in a sealed container.
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