How long does waxing last?

When it comes to removing body hair, there are so many ways. Sugaring, shaving, waxing… The list is surprisingly extensive. For the novice, it can be tricky to know what hair removal treatment is best for you. But when it comes to longevity, one hair removal procedure trumps. Waxing! 

But the question most people want an answer to is: How long does waxing last? 

How Long Do Waxing Results Last? 

If you go to a professional esthetician, the results can last up to six weeks. 

For a silky smooth finish, body waxing (whatever the area) is the best method to achieve that desirable silky smooth finish. 


Simply put, body waxing completely removes each hair from the root. Not to mention, it is also a quick process. 

Shaving, on the other hand, is more of a trim. It just removes your hair from the skin’s surface. As a result, the roots remain intact. While shaving may be a quick fix, the average person can only enjoy their smooth skin post-shave for one to two days depending on their body hair type and colouring. 

Sugaring for hair removal is a similar process to waxing. However, the beauty therapist covers the body with a sugar and lemon paste to remove the hair. Still, when it comes to how long waxing lasts versus sugaring, waxing still wins. Not only does sugaring only last for a shorter time, but it’s also more expensive.

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration with waxing. How long it lasts can depend on a few factors. While the average time for a regular waxer is approximately six weeks, some things that might alter this are:

  • your personal hair growth cycle;
  • breakage; 
  • how often you wax; and, 
  • the area. 

There’s no doubt about it that waxing body hair offers the best long-lasting results. Leg and bikini waxing results last longer (up to six weeks). However, many people prefer to get their above-the-lip hair and eyebrows waxed on a more regular basis to maintain more of a groomed look. 

Why Should You Stick to a Regular Waxing Routine? 

Keeping excess body hair under control can be a constant battle for some people, which is why waxing still remains the best hair removal option.

If you’ve been worried about how long the results lasts, you need to make sure that you keep up with regular appointments. 

Like with most things, consistency is key. 

Waxing is just as important as any other grooming and beauty regime. So, to look and feel your best, you need to do this regularly.

Frequent treatments eventually leads to slower, thinner, and finer hair growth. Even if you feel that your hair has not grown enough, sticking to a regular schedule is necessary. Later, you’ll reap the benefits from these regular appointments as your hair will not only grow back weaker but the process will also become less painful over time.

Most body wax brands recommend growing your hair to ¼ inch, which can almost seem like a lifetime, especially in the winter. In many cases, generic brands cannot successfully remove short hairs. But in the summer, it’s likely you want smooth legs all the time. Don’t worry – there’s a solution. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and composition, Harley Wax has the ability to remove hair as short as 1mm.  

The above also is the same for winter. It’s so easy to fall into the pattern of skipping your appointments when it’s colder, or not going at all; this is a mistake. In short, you’ll just reverse any of the work and progress from previous sessions. 

First-timers will likely notice hair growth earlier – perhaps as soon as within 2-3 weeks of the treatment. Don’t let this put you off. You’ll soon notice the difference if you keep up with it.

Obviously, men and women are different too with their body hair coarseness and growth. But regardless of your sex, you should follow this general advice. 

How to Maintain Waxing Results

Here are some of our favourite pieces of pre and post-waxing advice to maximise your experience, save you money, and keep that annoying stubble away for longer.

1. Let It Grow

The temptation to run to your therapist immediately after you see the first signs of hair emerge is probably high. However, patience is a must. 

For the best waxing results and longevity, your hair ideally needs to be around 0.3-0.5cm long (⅛-¼ inch). 

Why is hair growth important when waxing?

In short, when the hair isn’t long enough, the wax will not adhere to the hair. This could possibly lead to hair breakage. It’s important to note that hair has a higher chance of becoming ingrown when there’s broken hair. 

If you are prone to ingrown hairs, apply an ingrown hair product like the Harley Ingrown Hair Solution. This product helps remove the buildup of any dead skin cells that block pores. Such products have soothing properties that almost instantly alleviate any irritation post-wax. 

2. Exfoliate and Moisturise 

Dry and rough skin can also lead to hair breakage during waxing. Before your treatment, and in between treatments, show your skin some love. Exfoliating on a regular basis, and using a gentle exfoliant will help keep your skin nice and smooth. This will create a smoother surface, allowing the wax to reach the hair’s entire length; again this will reduce the chance of the hair breaking. 

After your treatment, you should also pay special attention to moisturising. A product like Harley After Wax Oil. After wax oil treatments will not only moisturise the skin but also help cool and soothe it. 

3. Say No To Shaving

Whatever you do, stay away from the razor. We get that it’s tempting to shave hairs as soon as they pop up again, but this could impact any future waxing treatment. 

Shaving in between your regular wax treatments may cause your hair to become ingrown or grow back in random directions. Also, because shaving doesn’t take the hair out from the root, it also encourages it to grow back quicker. 

4.Leave the Waxing to the Professionals

DIY waxing faux pas at home is more common than you think. Not only this, home wax products are less powerful because most reputable hot wax wholesalers will only sell their products to licensed estheticians for safety purposes. 

Professional beauty establishments use professional-grade products with mostly natural ingredients, such as Harley Summer Fruits Strip, Rose Hot, and Summer Film Wax to ensure they give you the best results. 

Sometimes you might think waxing yourself is a good idea, but we highly recommend going to a trained beauty therapist to meet your waxing needs. As well as knowing what they’re doing, they will also answer any questions you may have and give you the best pre and post-care advice to ensure your wax treatment lasts.

5.Embrace Aloe After Waxing

We love Aloe Vera for its versatility. It’s surprising just how many different things you can use Aloe Vera for. Waxing is one of them. 

Immediate post-wax care is essential for lasting results. 

Some people are prone to burning sensations after a wax session due to skin sensitivity. This is normal. However, it’s important to take care of this to stop irritation or inflammation. So, a little Aloe Soothing Gel with cooling properties will condition your skin and reduce redness and irritation. 

The good news is that every time you get a professional wax, your hair will grow back slower. After several treatments, you’ll certainly see that there’s less hair growth, which of course will make that cringe-worthy time in between your treatments more manageable. 

In the end, it’ll all be worth it, as you’ll be able to enjoy your stubble-free, smoother skin for longer periods of time. 

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