Telling the Harley Wax Story

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It is not unusual to start a story about a company’s history by mentioning how long they’ve been operational for. In fact, it’s a detail often used in marketing messages or on promotional content. But what does it really say about a company? Surely how those years have been used counts for more than just the impressiveness of the number? And there lies the essence of the Harley story. 

Almost 30 years of experience in the beauty industry

On a visit to America in the late 80s, long before anyone knew that one day the name Harley Waxing would become a widely known and respected brand, the Knowler family found themselves intrigued by toning tables. Seeing a great opportunity, they brought these tables to a group of salons in the United Kingdom. A combined background in the beauty industry and sharp business acumen turned a calculated risk into a great toning table success story.

Harley Body Wrap is born

Around this time, in the same beauty salons, a body wrap was being used as a slimming treatment. Though not a bad product, the Knowlers felt that there was potential for a better product to be developed. Again seizing an opportunity, the couple approached a biochemist-friend asking for advice. The product they were using in the salon was leaving a residue on clients’ skins forcing them to take a shower after treatments, thus cancelling any residual benefits the product could have, if allowed to stay on the skin.

Aloe Vera is the main component of Harley Body Wrap

The solution? Harley Body Wrap was developed with an Aloe Vera-based concentrate that not only detoxifies the body and tones the skin, but also showed tremendous benefits for clients suffering from skin ailments like eczema or psoriases. The combination of a significant loss in inches after just one treatment, combined with these added benefits, made the Harley Body Wrap an overnight sensation. Thus, another opportunity presented itself… The export market.

Going global

The Harley Body Wrap’s success simply could not be contained and in no time at all it was being exported to countries around the world – and happy clients couldn’t get enough of it. The success of this fantastic product made other international cosmetic brands take note. Soon the Harley team had established great relationships with big brands from Italy, Switzerland and France (to name only a few) and the supply and distribution end of things grew very successfully as Harley agreed to distribute other product in addition to its own. Around this time a well-known beauty wax company approached Harley about the possibility of distributing their product as well. Not knowing it at the time, this would be the step that would kick-start a whole new adventure.

Sometimes an obstacle in the road is a blessing in disguise

Although the distribution of the beauty wax company’s product started off well, it unfortunately did not stay that way and due to supply problems the two companies eventually parted ways. But the exposure to the beauty wax industry had planted a seed in the minds of the Harley team and, never shying away from a great opportunity, they let it germinate.

Harley Gold strip wax

After giving the idea a considerable amount of thought, the Knowler family approached a wax company about developing a wax range that would not only surpass the quality of any product on the market but that would also be affordable. To anyone looking on, this would have seemed impossible. But as it turned out, the development of the Harley beauty wax range was not only a dream come true for the Harley team, but also for the company that manufactures the wax used in the formulation. The success of Harley Wax changed the lives of everyone involved.

The launch of Harley Wax

In 2007, more than a decade after the success of the Harley Body Wrap, the Harley Wax range was launched with Rose and Lavender hot wax, Rose and Gold strip wax as well as pre- and post waxing oil. In 2008 the Harley Cleanser & Toner and Wax Solvent is added to the growing family of consumer trusted products.

Completely indispensable during this important time in the company’s history was Susannah Hewitt. Her financial skill as the in-house accountant played such an integral role, one that continues to this day, that she has since become one of the directors of Harley Wax. Yet another life changed by the Harley Wax story.

Harley Wax product range

Since those early days, the popular Summer Fruits range, as well as a variety of other products – most recently the Tea Tree strip wax with its soothing anti-inflammatory properties – has been added to the Harley Wax range of products.

Nothing but excellence will do

Since the launch of the Harley Wax product range, stock levels have never been depleted and supply has always kept pace with demand. Orders are consistently delivered within two working days and client satisfaction remains the most important goal. And our clients, who return month on month, are proof that this is a winning formula. Thanks to a small, but dedicated team who deliver on exceedingly high standards, the Harley story is far from over.

Harley Wax is not only proud of its achievements, but also the road the company took to achieve the success it now enjoys. Whatever the future holds, this dynamite team is ready for it… Here’s to the next chapter of the Harley story!

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26/09/2018, 02:13:48 AM

Hi I was just wondering if you could tell me your policy on animal testing and palm oil please Many thanks

Harley Wax:
26/09/2018, 02:40:06 AM

Hello Lisa Our products are manufactured in the UK. The use of animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union. Since March 2013, it has also been illegal to sell cosmetics products within the EU which have been, or which contain ingredients, newly tested on animals. None of our products contain Palm oil.

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