5 Ways to spot a great wax therapist

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When we book wax appointments, we take for granted that the therapist is qualified to do their job. But, as it turns out, all wax therapists are not created equal. Some have a magic touch and when they handle your treatments it just seems to hurt less. But on the flipside, there are those who are less skilled. Anyone who has ever been burned by wax that was overheated or had their skin ripped off will attest to this fact.

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Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 5 ways to spot a truly great wax therapist. So if you’re planning to do some landscaping before the arrival of the festive season (and in the southern hemisphere the arrival of the infamous “bikini season”), best make sure you pick a wax therapist worth their salt.

They ask questions

Sometimes a wax treatment should be approached in a similar fashion to a doctor’s appointment. Your therapist should start your treatment with a few basic questions about your skin type, your waxing history, and to check that you’ve done all the applicable pre-treatment preparation. If you have any relevant medical conditions this would be a good time to mention it to the therapist. For instance, medication like Accutane (used to treat severe acne) thins the skin and when waxed, often results in the removal of the top layer of the skin (sometimes resulting in bruising and scarring). Responsible wax therapists won’t carry on with the treatment once they’ve been informed that the client is taking this medication as it poses greater risk of injury.

They have all the necessary training

If you’re planning on having a specialised wax treatment done, it is strongly advised that you make sure the therapist you’ve booked your appointment with has all the relevant qualifications and credentials. It might come as a surprise to learn that not all wax therapists who perform Brazilian waxes are qualified to do so. Yet, clients put their trust in a therapist because they assume that, since the therapist is performing the treatment, they must be qualified to do so. If however, you have any doubts check, check again and then, if you’re still not satisfied, absolutely do not risk it.

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They use the correct wax for the correct area

For you to know if the therapist is using the correct wax, it’s important that you get to know the different types of wax and their applications yourself. For most wax treatments, the two types you need to know are strip wax and hot wax. Both are heated before application, but strip wax is removed with a strip of paper whereas hot wax is removed by hand. For sensitive areas such as your face, bikini and underarms, it is recommended for the therapist to use hot wax.

They use only the best wax products

All businesses face the age-old challenge of weighing up the pros and cons of switching to a cheaper product or supplier vs. upping the price of their product or service, at some point during their business journey. The same thing happens when wax therapists are introduced to cheaper wax products that promise to be just as good as their more expensive counterparts. Unfortunately wax products are not all of the same quality and in most cases the cheaper wax products are cheaper simply because they are made from low quality materials. Cheaper, lower quality wax products won’t grip the hair properly, snapping it below the skin surface. This results in uneven regrowth and ingrown hairs. Look for a salon that uses the best quality wax, especially hot wax and film waxes that shrink wrap around the hair, resulting in a less painful wax, but also smoother, longer lasting results.

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They teach you about the proper aftercare

A truly great wax therapist won’t just send you on your way after a treatment without applying the correct post-treatment products and then explaining any precautions you should take. They will usually take the time to explain the importance of keeping the waxed area out of direct sunlight, whether or not you ought to apply sunblock to the area and (if you’re waxing while on holiday) how long you should wait before visiting the beach or swimming in the ocean. If your therapist doesn’t know how to answer any of your wax questions, this is not a good sign.

Ask for Harley Wax

Harley Wax is a superior quality wax used in salons all over the world. Both our hot wax and film wax shrink wrap the hair (and not the skin!) removing hairs as short as 1mm with significantly less pain, irritation or redness. It’s suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin – and our Harley Gold Strip Wax is perfect for men’s waxing. Ask your salon or spa if they use Harley Wax products and insist on only the best!

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