Gentle Waxing Strips


Pack of 100 pre-cut waxing strips for use with a strip wax treatment.


Gentle Waxing Strips

Pack of 100 pre-cut waxing strips

  • Waxing strips for use with a Harley Strip Wax treatment.
  • Our tight weave paper waxing strips provide extra strength and reliability for your strip waxing treatment
  • Our Harley Strip Waxing system is designed for larger areas, use our Hot Waxing system for smaller areas

Additional information

Weight 0.10000000 kg
How It Works

Strip wax is used on the legs and arms, it is a much faster method of waxing than hot waxing. Our paper strips have a tight weave for better performance and reliability.


Cleaning Tips • Spot test this product on a small patch first before full application,
• Wear gloves, If wax solvent comes in contact with skin wash immediately with soap and cold water,
• Clean your waxing bay area regularly to avoid cross contamination between clients,
• Sterilise tweezers before and after every use,
• Do not recycle wax,
• Use an environmentally friendly antibacterial cleaning agent to sterilise your room,
• Do not double dip the spatulas
• Do not wax on broken, inflamed skin, areas affected by acne or skin that is prone to allergies or dermatitis.
• Do not wax if you are taking accutane.

Directions for Use

Using a spatula or cartridge, spread a thin layer of warmed wax in the direction of the hair growth. Massage a waxing strip onto the waxed area and remove against the direction of the hair growth. After treatment, tweeze away any stubborn hairs and apply Harley After Wax Oil


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