Wax Heater 100ml


Single cartridge wax heater for use with Harley Strip Wax Cartridges (100ml).


This single hand held cassette wax heater unit holds and heats Harley Strip Wax Cartridges (100ml) quickly and thoroughly allowing for faster treatment times and excellent results.

  • Maximum temperature 105C
  • Adjustable temperature 60-105C
  • After heating heater keeps the required temperature
  • LED screen shows the current and set temperature
  • Suitable for wax cartridges 100ml.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg

100ml capacity (strip wax cartridges)
Digital adjustable temperature indicator
Stable base cartridge station
Easy to remove and place back in base
Protective cover
Easy temperature control dial
Easy to clean surfaces


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Wax Cartridge Heater
Material: ABS
Power: 300W
Capacity: 100ML
Temperature: 45~105℃


Insert a Harley Wax Strip Wax Cartridge into the cartridge holder.
Place the hand held cartridge holder into base to heat wax.
Plug into the mains power and turn the temperature dial to the highest temperature setting, which is 104°C.
Allow cartridge to heat completely, takes about 15 minutes, depends on the ambient temperature of the cartridge and how much wax is in it.
It is important for the therapist to test the wax on themself before applying on client’s skin
To reduce the temperature, turn the dial down to 95°C.


DO NOT immerse heater in water.
DO NOT use heater near water.
DO NOT allow water to splash onto heater.
DO NOT clean heater with water.
DO NOT overfill heater. Fill up to around 2cm from top of insert.
DO NOT move heater when it has hot melted wax inside.
DO NOT switch the cartridge heater on without a cartridge in it. It is easier and safer to remove a cartridge from the cartridge heater, when the heater is warm. Do not leave the cartridge heater switched on when it is empty, or with any empty cartridge for any length of time.


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