Up Your Hot Wax Game!

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably read our recent post on Harley Strip Wax – a type of wax that is applied while warm and malleable, and then removed using a strip of paper. If you are a regular visitor to a beauty salon, chances are you’ve encountered strip and hot wax. So after reading this post it won’t be hard for you to spot the difference between them. If you are a professional wax therapist, we really need to tell you about Harley Hot Wax and how to up your hot wax game. It’s going to make your life so much easier!

Why is it called Hot Wax?

All waxes are heated before application – in order to make them runny and sticky so the hairs will cling to it. However, therapists usually heat hot wax to a slightly higher temperature than, for instance, strip wax. There is no universal rule, but generally, hot wax is heated to around 48-50°C while strip wax is heated to 40-42°C. It’s very important that your therapist always check the temperature of the wax, both on the heater, and then on the inside of their wrist to ensure it is not too hot. If you find that the wax feels uncomfortably hot during the treatment, you should tell your therapist immediately.

Which treatments work well with Hot Wax?

There is no real right or wrong when it comes to which wax is used for different treatments. The therapist often plays a large role in this decision – they will often select the wax they are most familiar with or most trained/experienced in using. However, since strip wax is quicker to apply and remove, beauty therapists generally used for larger areas like arms, legs, backs, etc. Therapists generally use hot wax for smaller and more intimate areas, such as a bikini wax or on the face, like eyebrow shaping, for instance. These two waxes work together to give you the all-round most comfortable waxing experience.

Which Harley Hot Wax is the right one for your client?

  1. Harley Aloe Hot Wax
    A beautiful Micromica liposoluble depilatory wax with a pearlised appearance. You can remove this product removed delicately and softly, keeping the depilatory capacity unaltered.
  2. Harley Chocolate Hot Wax
    A new generation of professional waxes that contain Titanium Dioxide for a particular softness. It is smooth to apply and suitable for use on sensitive skin and sensitive areas.
  3. Harley Lavender Hot Wax
    Used correctly the Harley Lavender Hot Wax will remove hairs as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.
  4. Harley Rose Hot Wax
    Reduced adhesion of the wax to the skin ensures a soft and gentle pull-off strip removal. We recommend this wax for dehydrated, dry, and particularly sensitive skin.
  5. Harley Summer Fruits Hot Wax
    Quality ingredients and essential oils combined with a low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort. Used correctly this wax will remove hairs as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.

A word from a happy Harley Wax client

“We recently invested in Harley Wax and it has changed our salon hair removal system. We are loving the products – both hot and strip wax. The clients have all noticed how much more comfortable the wax treatment is; they even said ‘it’s pain-free’. The lovely Harley Wax aromas infuse our rooms and we’re so glad to be using your wax. I look forward to ordering my next batch.”

Sara Cheeney, a Pure Perfection salon owner

What is the reason for Harley Hot Wax’s popularity?

Harley Hot Wax speaks for itself. Once therapists have sampled our product, an order follows shortly after. The reason? There is no comparison in quality. We use only the finest ingredients and the difference between our Hot Wax and those of other manufacturers become very clear, very quickly. The five wonderful fragrances our wax comes in are also incredibly popular and therapists like to switch the fragrances out to match the seasons. We find that Harley Chocolate Hot Wax is a popular choice in winter, while Harley Summer Fruits Hot Wax is an absolute must-have when the summer months roll round. Since these waxes all fill the air with their beautiful aromas when heated, they double as aromatherapy for your clients. How is that for an added bonus!

Get your hands on Harley Hot Wax

Want to try out or stock Harley Hot Wax in your salon? We can easily make this happen! Get in touch here.

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