Why Should I Use Harley Strip Wax Cartridges?

Harley Wax Cartridges are made from some of the finest natural raw materials. This means that there are less chance of skin damages or break-outs to the skin. This could be caused by the use of too many synthetic materials.

After extensive research, Harley Wax developed a cartridge system that offers the same great results as our Strip Wax. The Harley Wax Cartridges are available in 100ml in our Rose, Summer Fruits and Gold Wax fragrances.

The Harley Cartridge Range

Our #1 Selling Strip Wax is our Rose Wax which has a delicate aroma of country garden which makes the waxing experience even more enjoyable. This wax can be applied super thinly. It is ideal for the larger wax areas such as the legs & arms.

Our Gold Wax is designed for Male Waxing, as this wax has a superior grip designed specifically for men’s hair type. It can also be used on women who have thicker hair type. This wax is ideal for the larger wax area such as the leg, back and arms.

The Summer Fruits Wax has an incredible aroma which will leave the skin smooth and refreshed. What makes the Harley Wax cartridge system superior is that it uses only the finest ingredients and essential oils. Its low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction.

Harley Wax Strip Wax can be used on hair as short as 1mm.

The Harley Summer Fruits Strip Wax and the Gold Strip Wax is a Micromica liposoluble depilatory wax product that not only gives it a pearlised appearance. This makes for a great looking wax and it also contains the correct equilibrium between the refined resins used and the graded presence of Micromica. This allows the product to be removed delicately and softly, keeping the depilatory capacity unaltered. It is made for the most demanding professionals.

How should I use Harley Wax Cartridges?

The Cartridge system is also very easy to use. The first step would be to ensure client has had a patch test before treatment. This is just to test that the customer does not have a negative effect or allergic reaction to waxing.

Before waxing, you should cleanse the skin with Harley Cleanser & Toner . This will remove any residue or bacteria on the skin, which reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. You then roll a thin layer of warmed wax in the direction of the hair growth. Massage a waxing strip on the waxed area and remove with a confident pull the opposite direction of hair growth. The last step would be to apply the Harley After Wax Oil or Aloe Soothing Gel to soothe the skin and reduce redness. This will also remove any sticky residue.

Due to Cartridges being applied directly onto the customer’s skin with a roll-on lid, it is strongly recommended that they are used for SINGLE USE ONLY and not for multiple customers as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to customers getting rashes and infections as a result of cross-contamination between applications. We suggest that the therapist clearly mark and store their regular customers’ cartridges which can be warmed prior to their appointment.

To try out our Harley Wax Strip Wax Cartridges, visit our shop and place your online order.

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