Why should you keep waxing in winter?

Although it may be tempting to let the beauty regime slide a little in the winter times, there are drawbacks to not waxing in winter. The mornings are getting colder and the days that much shorter which leads to long sleeves, jumpers and those favourite wooly socks we all love to wear on those cold nights. Most women tend to neglect their hair removal routines at this time of year which is understandable because lets face it, no one is going to the beach in a bikini to brave the icy winds. This however is something that may unravel all that hard work you have put in at either the salon or for some who use our waxing kits at home. Either way, be sure to follow this guide on Pre & Post Waxing tips.

The thing about waxing is to try keep a routine. Although it may be tempting to let the beauty regime slide a little in the winter times, there are some drawbacks. Lets take a look at some of the Pro’s and Con’s of not waxing in the winter.

Saving on salon expenses

Although you might be saving money now, once it’s summer time again you could be spending more money getting back in to a waxing routine. Continuous waxing means your hair follicles are weakened and grow back at a much slower pace, resulting in longer periods of time before your next appointment with the salon.

You want a break where you don’t have to worry about it

Although you might enjoy your break now, once its over you will have to re-do all that hard work you put in, in order to get your appointments schedule from once every 3 weeks to once every 6 weeks.

In winter there are many things that could affect your skin. We all feel it. One of the more noticeable ones being dry skin. Waxing exfoliates and encourages the renewal of skin cells that can cause dry skin. Not only will waxing in winter keep your skin healthy but there won’t be a temptation to shave in order to tidy things up, reversing all the good work waxing has done for you over the summer. Remember to use a Hot wax on smaller areas, and a Strip Wax on larger areas or a Film Wax for both.

Let’s face it, waxing in winter is definitely something we should all try to not neglect and for that extra added bonus you’d always be ready to slip on that sexy black dress, dash out to any last minute winter parties and never have to worry!

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