An irritation-free waxing experience is in your hands!

Posted by Emily 12/02/2020 0 Comment(s)

We all know that there are ways to get through a waxing treatment that help to minimise any pain and discomfort. But are we aware that we can help make sure there isn’t any pain afterwards, from ingrown hairs or irritation? 

Arm yourself with knowledge and the right after-wax products so that your waxing treatment leaves you at your smooth, confident best!

Minimising irritation - getting ready for a wax
There are a few things you can do at home to make sure you give yourself the best result after waxing. If you don’t want to end up with irritation, redness, bumps and ingrown hairs - here are our top tips. 

Make sure there is plenty of hair growth
You need to make sure there is a decent length to the hair you want to wax. Why? Because you will increase the risk of ingrown hairs if your hair is too short (learn the facts in our ingrown hairs blog here). Harley Waxing products are designed to work on the minimum regrowth, but we do highly recommend at least ¼ inch of hair for optimum results. 

An irritation-free waxing experience is in your hands!
Use a scrub, a cleanser and an oil before waxing to clear those pores and get the skin in great condition before the wax. They all have a slightly different role:

  • Scrub - a great exfoliator like the Harley Pomegranate Fruit Scrub will remove any dead skin cells and lift trapped hairs, ensuring a smooth finish and preventing ingrowing
  • Cleanser and Toner - a little-known tip is the difference in the waxing effect after a good cleansing and toning product is used. Something like the Harley Waxing Cleanser & Toner will balance the skin tone and have a tightening effect on pores
  • Oil - A pre-waxing oil can make a difference to the discomfort of waxing, since it helps the wax adhere better to the hair. Harley Waxing Pre-Wax Oil adds a layer between the skin and the wax, designed to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation

Make sure you don’t apply any products on the day of the wax as these will interfere with the way the wax adheres to the hair.

Managing the skin after a waxing treatment
Straight after a wax is a great time for a cool, soothing treatment. But are you confident that the post-wax products are the right ones for the task? It’s essential at this point to speed-up the healing process for any irritation and to act fast to prevent ingrown hairs. 

Prevent or treat ingrown hair
Science has moved a long way since the days of using a refrigerated moisturiser post-wax. Our latest favourite at Harley Waxing is the new Ingrown Hair Solution. It’s designed to be used as often as you feel, until any redness and bumps have disappeared. 

The point of a solution like this is to soothe inflamed skin, whilst also reducing the build-up of dead skin cells. When pores are blocked, short hairs can become quickly ingrown which can be painful and unsightly. Arnica and Allantoin in the product help heal the skin quickly and get that smooth result that waxing fans love. 

Get into good habits
There are a few things that are really important after a waxing treatment, that don’t involve any products at all - just good habits!

First of all, keep your waxed skin clean, fresh and moisturised. This is especially important after exercise, when dirt and dead skin cells can block pores and lead to ingrown hairs. If this happens, treat it with the Ingrown Hair Solution until it clears. 

The other essential habit is to stay out of the sun afterwards! That includes sunbeds (which are a no-no in any circumstance for skin safety) and also any self-tanning products. Anything that risks increasing redness and sweating will also increase post-wax irritation. When it’s safe to go back outside after a couple of days, opt for a high-UVA and UVB sun cream to protect the skin - and cleanse thoroughly afterwards. 

Forget about ingrown hairs and irritation after waxing. With the right products, and a little bit of self-care, there’s no reason for any discomfort or redness to spoil the look and feel of the skin after a wax treatment. If you have any questions about how any of our Harley Waxing products can be used together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.